Vintage style all tube guitar amplifiers

*Coming Soon*    New  Microbaby and Superbaby Combo amps, and updated Studio Cabinet designs

Thank you to Vintage Guitar Magazine
for featuring our new combo amp prototype in their Dream Designs article.

July 2016  issue   here

2015:  its been 18 years!? Are you kidding me? 

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* This year I suffered a setback with my voice that's requiring me to move to e-mail for all business communication. 
My voice is no longer loud enough to effectively and reliably use the telephone.  I'm as available and enthusiastic about my work as ever,  back to it!
Thank you for your continued interest and support.    -Curt Emery

Vintage Guitar covers

Vintage Guitar Magazine uses an Emery Sound Stagebaby, alongside some holy grail vintage beauties,
for their NOS 6V6 feature,  January 2007

Emery Sound Celebrates 10 years in business: 
Thank you to our customers around the world, we are proud to reach this milestone!

10 years

The Superbaby and Microbaby blow minds at the ...
Low-Watt Boutique Tube Amp Shootout  by Bob Dragich - Vintage Guitar

vintage guitar

The Superbaby even made the cover!

Superbaby rocks @ Coast Recorders during 2004 AES show after party

Microbaby profiled in BuzzBin column by Tom Beaujour - Guitar World April 2004

Superbaby reviewed by Art Thompson - Guitar Player May 2003

Check out an Emery Sound profile by Ron Veil - Vacuum Tube Valley issue #18

Designed and hand-built in El Cerrito, California USA

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