19 lbs. 13.25"W x 9.5"H x 8"D

Tune your tone in ways that mere knobs can't...

The Stagebaby will bias itself for any of these common tube types,

with no need for a tech,

and no need to be stuck using one limited tube set up!

Produces 12-35 watts depending on the tube set up used.


Rectifier tube - 5Y3, 5AR4/GZ34, 5R4, 5V4

Dual Output tubes - 6L6, EL34, 5881, KT66, 6550, 6V6, EL84 w/YellowJacket adapter

Preamp tube - 12AX7, 12AT7, 12AU7, 12AY7, 5751

Driver tube - 12AX7, 12AT7


Front Panel: input jacks , VOICING switch, VOLUME control, TONE control with bypass switch

Top jack - 'Hot' input - guitar feeds two tube gain stages in parallel - rich & thick
Bottom jack - 'Cool' input -
guitar feeds a single tube gain stage - snappy & twangy

Back panel: POWER switch, STANDBY switch, Footswitch jack, Impedance switch (4-8 or 8-16 ohms), Speaker output jacks


The VOICING switch configures the gain and dynamics of both the preamp and power amp stages.

-Each setting allows a full 'clean-to-scream' spectrum of tones, but each delivers a different feel and gain structure.

Clean - low gain preamp stage with lots of sweet natural compression,
makes the amp most controlled & linear throughout its range.
Loose - raw, juicy, versatile, and harmonically rich, most touch responsive mode
Boost - trades away some sensitivity for additional drive, punch, & pure raunch.

The footswitch remotely switches the VOICING from 'Clean' or 'Loose' mode, to 'Boost' mode.

The VOLUME and TONE controls are quite interactive.

Use both to create a wide range of gain structures and EQ curves.

The TONE control is a purely subtractive, passive EQ.

Consider the middle area to be the 'neutral' position.

Turning to the left subtracts treble frequencies and gain,

turning to the right subtracts bass frequencies and gain.

You can bypass the TONE control entirely, by clicking it fully CCW, to produce a wide open, less filtered tone.

The VOLUME control determines how hard your signal hits the output tube

and ultimately how clean or dirty your sound is.

The rest is up to you...


Comments from Emery Sound owners

regarding their favorite tube set ups

So you want to have some fun with your favorite guitar?

Order your Stagebaby with a

-solid mahogany Emery Sound Studio Guitar Cabinet-

Stagebaby Head with 12" Studio Cabinet -mahogany

The Stagebaby ships stock with a NOS US made 5R4, TungSol 6L6GC output tubes, and two TungSol 12AX7s.


if you are TRULY thermonically insane...

you can order your amp with an optional

Mad Scientist tube experimentation set!

Many customers tell me that they have a hard time finding a wide range of quality tubes locally, so... I've decided to offer this set to those of you who are inclined to experiment and get the MOST out of their Stagebaby. This bottomless pit of tone is available to Emery Sound amp owners only. I'll compile an ongoing list of favorite tube 'recipes', so please let me know what you discover!

A Stagebaby with the Mad Scientist option ships with:

 'standard' Stagebaby set ($250)

- 3 Rectifiers -



JJ 5AR4/GZ34

- 6 Output Tubes -

pair TungSol 6L6GC

pair ValveArt KT66

pair Electro-Harmonix EL34

- 4 Preamp Tubes -

pair TungSol 12AX7

JJ 12AU7/ECC802

JJ  12AT7/ECCC81

'complete' Stagebaby set ($380) adds the following:

pair TungSol 6V6

pair JJ EL84

pair Sovtek EL84

pair YellowJacket EL84 socket adapters (YJUNI)


Tube availability is subject to change. I'll try to keep this list up to date. The tubes used are selected from the highest quality of what is currently available in reasonable quantities, as in, outside the collector realm, where a single vintage EL34 can cost a lot more than this whole set! All tubes are play tested in amps before shipping.


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