Microbaby open chassis head on 10"Studio Cabinet

1 high quality Class A watt provides real, dynamic, hard working vintage tube amp sound at living room volume levels...

Technology has brought full professional sound recording capabilities into the home of any motivated musician these days, but what good is all this sonic firepower if you are stuck recording cheesy low volume or direct guitar sounds?!

Most high quality tube amps are severely over powered for

high quality home recording and other low volume playing situations,

leaving one no choice but to 'fake it' one way or another.

Amp 'emulation' and other forms of fake, false tube sound are a JOKE!

The Microbaby is an ultra lo powered, tube rectified, class A guitar amp (~1 watt) that uses the same audio circuit and chassis as the acclaimed Superbaby, but with a scaled down power supply and output stage, to deliver a wide range of REAL electric guitar/amp tones at home recording/acoustic volume levels. It ships with a NOS 6X5GT rectifier and a NOS 6G6G pentode output tube. Both tubes, originally used in tube car radios, are working hard at full power when putting out 1 watt. I've got lots of beautiful '50s NOS of this type and they sound amazing! You can also set up the amp with a 6K6, 6Y6, 6V6, or an EL84 (w/ YellowJacket adapter) output tube for different flavors. No biasing is required to change the tubes.


Microbaby Enclosed Mahogany Head

Make no mistake, this amp produces a full bodied complex tone that belies its size!

A 6V6 reacts like a big bold tube when run at this power level,
and an EL84 can out scorch a flame thrower when cranked!
Produces between 1 and 2 watts depending on the tube set up used.

-Microbaby compatible tube types-

                                                 rectifier tubes : 6X5, 6AX5, 5852, EZ35

                                                 output tubes : 6G6, 6Y6, 6K6, 6V6, EL33, 6EZ5, EL84/6BQ5/EL844 (w/YellowJacket adaptor)

                                                 preamp tubes : 12AX7, 12AT7, 12AV7, 12AU7, 12AY7, 5751 etc...

The Microbaby ships with a NOS US made 6X5 rectifier, a gorgeous 50's US 6G6G output tube,
and a selected current production 12AX7, ~ 1 watt output


Front Panel:  INPUT jack,  VOICING switch,  TONE control with bypass switch,  VOLUME control

Back panel:  POWER/STANDBY switch,  speaker OUTPUT (4-16 ohms)


The three position VOICING switch configures the gain & dynamics of both the preamp and power amp stages.
Each setting allows a full 'clean-to-scream' spectrum of tones, but with a different feel and gain structure.

Clean - low gain preamp with lots of sweet natural compression,
makes the amp more controlled throughout its range.
Loose - raw, juicy, versatile, and harmonically rich, the most touch responsive mode.
Boost - adds drive, punch, & pure raunch.

VOLUME and TONE controls are quite interactive.
Use both to create a wide range of gain structures and EQ curves.
The TONE control is a purely subtractive, passive EQ.
Consider the middle area to be the 'neutral' position.
Turning to the left subtracts treble frequencies and gain,
turning to the right subtracts bass frequencies and gain.
To produce a wide open, less filtered tone,
ou can bypass the TONE control entirely by clicking it fully CCW.
The VOLUME control determines how hard your signal hits the output tube
and ultimately how clean or dirty your sound is.
The rest is up to you...


   True 'on the fly' point to point wiring provides a solid, hard-wired signal path that is as short, direct, and harmonically rich as possible. No circuit boards of any kind are used to facilitate assembly line mass production. All circuit components are soldered directly to each other whenever possible, an approach that minimizes the number of solder joints and extra wire required to build a given circuit- about a third fewer solder joints and literally FEET less wire than standard tagboard point to point technique. Good for reliability, quiet operation, and dynamic TONE! The result is a clarity of articulation and sound that is astoundingly satisfying to play!



Comments from Emery Sound owners

regarding their favorite tube set ups

So you want to have some fun with your favorite guitar?

Order your Microbaby with a

-solid mahogany Emery Sound Studio Guitar Cabinet-

The Microbaby ships with a NOS US made 6X5 rectifier, a gorgeous 50's 6G6G output tube, and a selected current production 12AX7.


if you are TRULY thermonically insane...

you can order your amp with an optional
Mad Scientist Tube Set!

-now available for the Microbaby-

The unprecidented Microbaby makes available to the guitarist the use of a whole slew of tiny tubes, some of which that have never been used in guitar amps before. Because some of these are a bit 'farther off the beaten path' than more common guitar tubes, I've decided to offer this set to those of you who are inclined to experiment and get the most out of their Microbaby. Many tubes in the set are prime NOS examples. This Pandora's Box of sonic splendor adds 6 tube types for a wide range of combinations to play with,  each with its own response and harmonic terrain to explore.  Better leave a trail of bread crumbs so you can find your way back... Its like suddenly owning a roomful of old amps. This bottomless pit of tone is available to Emery Sound amp owners only.


A Microbaby with the Mad Scientist option ships with:

- 2 Rectifiers -



- 5 Output Tubes -



TungSol 6V6

JJ EL844

Sovtek EL84

YellowJacket EL84 socket adapter (YJUNI)

- 2 Preamp Tubes -

selected modern 12AX7

JJ 12AU7/ECC802

Tube availability is subject to change. I'll try to keep this list up to date. All tubes are play tested in amps before shipping, the best test!

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