-solid mahogany Emery Sound Studio Guitar Cabinets-

10" and 12" open back models available

Superbaby Enclosed Head with 12" Studio Cabinet ____ _Microbaby open chassis head with 10"Studio Cabinet


Where most traditional guitar cabinets are designed to project a sound in a live performance situation, these incredibly resonant and lightweight beauties are designed to radiate the immediate space with 3 dimensional, lively, and complex tone. Great for recording! Highest quality solid mahogany is dovetail constructed into a thin (1/2") shell. The baffle is precision joined to be integral with this shell for maximum resonance. The 'lively' qualities are further enhanced by the fact that the cabinet is not wrapped in a layer of glue and vinyl. Would you upholster your acoustic guitar with rubber cement and tolex and expect it to sound better?! These cabs are gorgeous and have more in common with a wooden drum than a standard 'dead as a wet log' guitar cabinet.

Very inspiring to play and record...

The 10" Cabinet features the amazing AlNiCo Weber Blue Pup - personal favorite!

16.5"H x 14.25"W x 10"D    12 lbs

The 12" Cabinet features an AlNiCo Weber Blue Dog

18"H x 16"W x 10"D    17 lbs

Never played a Weber?

Imagine an ancient alnico 'olde English' guitar speaker, built to standards unobtainable by an assembly line.

These precision engineered, hand built beauties are among the livliest sounding, most dynamic guitar speakers we've ever come across, new or vintage. REALLY!!

The 12"cabinet w/BlueDog speaker is more efficient (larger magnet & cone) and produces a bit more clean volume, from the same wattage, than the 10"w/BluePup cabinet does. The 10" 'sounds' louder without being louder, if that makes any sense. It's smaller magnet and cone are working harder at a given volume level, so you can get more speaker break up happening if desired. Both are great sounding, versatile, olde style alnico speakers, just with a different emphasis. The 12" cabinet is slightly larger in size and has more low mids (thicker and smoother), the 10" is more upper mid focused (brighter and more aggressive).

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